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Dec 4, 2015
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I actually shot this one last summer when I had my Canon rebel, has since upgraded to a 6D. One of those rare summer rains in Los Angeles.

Echo Park CA.

Have you heard of "the rule of thirds"? Your horizon pretty much splits the photo in half. There is potentially a great leading line on the right side of the image. Shame it is cropped out and under utilized.
How its shot right there is pretty much what I could do at the time, knowing the location, and the lenses I had at the time. I do know about the rule of thirds, but what leading line are you talking about? The wall ( so to speak)

Ive yet to revisit the spot with my new wider angle lenses
..... but what leading line are you talking about? The wall ( so to speak)
Precisely. Had you taken a few steps to the right, dropped down on your knee, or even your belly, the result may have been a much more interesting photo. It looks as if you walked up to the spot and took the shot. Never satisfy yourself with one shot in a situation as this. You have (or make) the time and opportunity, make the most of it.
Wow, thanks so much for that. You are absolutely right, that didnt cross my mind at all. Im going to try and revisit that spot, as its only 10 minutes from home.

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