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Aug 20, 2007
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Hi! It's been a long time since I've posted.

I've got a ton of photos to edit but keep cringing at the fact that I need to do them. I don't know much about CS3 and the whole workflow thing is overwhelming to me.

Do you have a standard workflow you do to all photos?
What do you start and end with when editing photos?

PLEASE get me thinking and motivated. I really need to edit some photos to share here on and update my site with.


I shoot in RAW.
This is why I got Lightroom. Makes the workflow so much shorter if you don't use actions for it all.

I usually sharpen, crop, adjust contrast/colors/exposure, and then after that I get into anything special I'd like to do with the picture.
I use RAW Shooter Essentials, which is/was a precursor to Adobe Lightroom. It really saves a lot of time over using just Photoshop.

Also, it helps if you use actions in Photoshop to automate some of the repetitive tasks.

It takes practice and some good techniques but you can make the editing go by faster.
Jeannette -

I would suggest using the software that came with your camera (Digitial Photo Pro). It allows you to retain the camera settings, adjust, crop, resize, and batch convert, apply settigns to all images to list a few. It has a decent workflow that allows you to flag your images. This is my starting place for all my RAW.

Unless you have major fixes, you should only need to touch them up with PS.
I use bibble pro.

in bibble I do the following:

-I open the folder with the recent shots, do some rating which ones are worth editing (by distributing points).

-Then I do some play with wite balance, noise reduction, contrast, saturation

-apply lens distortion correction where necessary (one click), same for CA, then crop if necessary.

- then i say go and the softare starts with the RAW to JPG conversion (for images with complicated light I use TIFF though). if it is hundreds of images this takes a while, so I have time to post something on TPF ;)

after that:

- PS batch conversion to get the image size i want

- for larger prints some more tweaking in PS and further sharpening.

for those few images which are complicated exposure wise, I might do some lengthy PS work ...

From a lot of reading and paying attention to Dan Margulis I've learnt that the order you do things is quite important - we have detailed this in our small photogroup and the results, plus some downloadable PS Actions, are on my web site (the Actions page) - it that would help.

All the best
I import RAW photos from camera in Adobe Lightroom. From there I do any editing I can in Lightroom. I'd say 85% of what I need to do I can do in LR. For sharpening or something more advanced, I export as a TIF and edit in Photoshop CS3.

If I edit all I need to edit in LR, then I export as TIF. I store my "keepers" as TIFs and anything I need to upload to a website or share on the web gets converted to a PNG or JPEG.

I like LR for browsing and cataloging my photos. And it does a fine job with editing

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