Worlds Top Ballet Dancers - Russian Ballet Icons Gala - London


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Sep 10, 2011
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100 Year Anniversary of Galina Ulanova - Russian Ballet Icons Gala is dedicated to 100 years since the birth of the legendary Galina Ulanova and supported by the St. Petersburg City Administration and The Galina Ulanova Foundation.


It featured famous excerpts from Ulanova's greatest roles, performed by a dazzling international cast of some of the worlds top ballet dancers from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres, Royal and English National Ballet, ballets of the Grand Opera Paris, Berlin Staatsoper and Monte Carlo. Performances included classical masterpieces such as Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, The Dying Swan, Chopiniana, The Red Poppy and Flames of Paris and works by leading contemporary choreographers such as Maurice Bejart, Jean-Christophe Maillot, José Martinez, Angelin Preljocal, Twyla Tharp, Alistair Marriot and Vladimir Vasiliev. There will also be special dedications to the dancer once declared ‘the world’s number one’ by Rudolf Nureyev. Designer for this ballet performance including the set, projection and lighting concept: Charles Phu - 15th May 2011

FULL SET HERE:!i=1294158828&k=jvpSQH2
You have some cracking dance shots on your site and it looks like they are live performance images. Dance photography is my passion but most of the shooting I do is in amateur venues with amateur lighting techs... LOL! I do the best I can in the circumstances and it's excellent training. I'll go through your site in more detail when I have some free time, I may be able to pick up some ideas. :thumbup:
Thank you Granddad,

You will not find any staged shots from me... and yes they are all performance shots nothing posed, some taken from over 40 feet way in what ever available light there was.
I'd love to follow you around at a performance! I've graduated from a simple compact 7 years ago through a bridge camera and a basic DSLR to a Nikon D700 and I'm getting some good shots now but I've never had the chance to see a pro (live) dance photographer in action.
Iv'e not studied anything to do with photography at all. Not even read a book, not even my camera manual.. never been to an exhibition either.. my first camera a few years ago was a Canon 40.. then a few months back i made the leap to the 1D Mark 4.
Just been really lucky i guess and am increasingly finding myself as the official photographer at some utterly incredible events like this ballet. It was mind blowing to be able to shoot all that talent :)

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