Would this work as a good off camera flash?

Derek Zoolander

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Dec 15, 2008
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Vivitar 550FD Flash for Minolta, Pentax & Olympus

It's 10 bucks on craig's list, so if I use my Cactus V2s to trigger it, would i be all good to go? Right now I have these $20 flashes that i cannot adjust power in any way. It just always flashes at full power...

i have a canon rebel xs.
For off-camera flash you really want to be able to adjust the power of the flash so you can get the shot you want. You could always adjust the light hitting the subject by moving the light stand closer or farther from the subject but I would image you would get tired of doing that as it would mostly be guess work.

But for the price I guess you really can't complain.

And they should work fine with the Cactus triggers.

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