WTB; zoom lens (max at the long end) 200-300mm ---- less then $250

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Moodyville-ain, Dec 8, 2009.

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    50-200mm, 75-300mm, 55-250mm etc. For Canon EOS Rebel XS (I'm not limited to those ranges above, they are just a benchmark) IS VC USM whatever, as long as they go to at least 200mm slightly over and slightly above.

    The max zoom being from the 200-300mm range at the long end, I'm not picky on the short end. Image quality is important, I know I can't expect too much from a lens that is less then $250. I just don't want a lens with the same image quality as my kit lens, just with a longer range.

    I'm not partial to brands. I'm more flexible on focal length then on price. Basically I'm looking for a lens that out performs my 18-55mm IS kit lens. With a longer focal length.

    Please add all relevent info so I can do some lens review searching online. Eg; Tamron 33-333mm IS f/1- USM macro (I know it doesnt exist, just giving an example)

    Max price being $250, must be able to ship to Canada.
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