Yashica Mat 124G + 120 Pro 400H + 120 Tri-X 400 - $250

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Gregoryniss, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Selling a newly refubished Yashica Mat 124G that i've only put 2 rolls of film through. Camera is in great condition and works wonderfully. I'm selling because i've been working more digitally and need money to get a new lens. Comes with a case and lens caps.

    Along with the camera will come 5 boxed rolls of Kodak 120 Tri-X 400 TX and 7 rolls of Fujifilm Pro 400H. All film has been kept in the fridge since i've bought it. Pro 400H expires december 2009, but if kept in a fridge, you'll be fine for over a year or 2. Tri-X expires 09/2012.

    I'd like to keep everything together as I won't need 120 film since the Yashica is my only medium format camera. If both items are accounted for separately, then I will consider splitting them up.

    Let me know if you're interested, feel free to text or call me @ (541) 579-4734 so we can work something out.

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