Yellow Butterfly

Fred Berg

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May 17, 2011
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In February/March the botanical gardens in Augsburg have their annual butterfly display in their tropical house. This is this year's nicest/sharpest shot (3x2 crop):


Revue AC-5, 28-70mm manual focus (with macro 1:5x) lens, Agfa Precisa 100, circular pol filter.
C&C welcome.
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Fred, this is by far your best photograph. I really like it. Excellent composition and exposure.
Thanks Joel, I'm very pleased with how it turned out and appreciate your comments.
The picture above is absolutely wonderful beautiful and beautifully captured..... really appreciable.
Butterflies are one of the more difficult things in nature to take pictures of, and also some of the most beautiful.
Thank you Lorenzo, very kind of you.
I must say that the picture is truly nice and beautifully captured. I am really impressed with the celerity of picture.
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Thank you, Ken.
I have added this photo to my gallery under the new title Butter is Yellow. Thanks for looking.

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