Yellow-crowned Night-heron - rare find where I live


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Jan 8, 2017
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Brampton, Ontario
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Nice capture!
Nice shots. Quite a unique posture you caught in #2.
Nice capture!
Thank you

Nice shot! Looks like a juvenile by the coloring.
Thank you, I believe its a first spring

… possibly a juvenile female, never seen that in Québec!
Illinois seems to be the furthest north they go. But I wonder if we will start seeing more southern birds up here with the way the climate is changing.

Nice shots. Quite a unique posture you caught in #2.
Thanks. Yes it was very interesting and never saw it before. But the same day and place I got shots of a Blue Heron doing the same pose. Stood like that for about an hour or more. I'll probably post them tomorrow.
The first one is great! Very nice shot.

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