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Sep 12, 2004
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Durham, UK
So I was just wondering what everyones digital workflow is and how well it is working for you. Here's mine.

1) Shoot all pictures in RAW.
2) Transfer them to a folder called RAW on my harddrive.
3) Label them with the necesarry info.
4) Browse and view them using Adobe Bridge.
5) Backup to external hd.
6) Burn my photosesion to a CD (and not those cheap 20p ones either).

I never convert my RAW files to a different format untill I actually need to use them. When I do want to use them;

1) Find the RAW file using Adobe Bridge.
2) Use Adobe Camera RAW to get the best exposure.
3) Export to uncompressed TIFF somewhere in my "Stock" folder where I will easily be able to find it again.
4) Do my editing in Photoshop.
5) backup to external HD.

So I have a total of two folders. One called RAW and the other called Stock. I use RAW to store all my raw files (duh!) and I use the Stock folder to store all my converted files, which I always store in the TIFF format for best possible quality. I find that this works realy well for me at the moment.

Any comment on my digital workflow?
Do you save a seperate copy for printing? for uploading to the web?
mine's pretty similar, actually. I have alot of personal stuff though, so I just have a RAW folder amongst the other folders of my photos' root directory. The only thing I don't do is burn my photosession to a CD. I haven't found this necessary at the moment, and I certainly couldn't fit the RAW files onto a CD.

each person's workflow will depend on his or her style of work, type of work, and output.
If I'm saving something for the web I put it in the stock folder next to my tiff files. I use my tiff files for printing.

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