"Yum, yum, yum."


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Aug 31, 2004
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"Good lettuce today."


"I hope I haven't got lettuce breath now. I better check."


It occurred to me that zoo shots should in the nature forum rather than pets. :mrgreen:
Straight from camera bar a general lightening and resize.
wow, the second one is great :)

it looks .. human!
Nice and sharp.
Pin sharp and great pictures! Not sure any of my shots from there warrant posting and I have gone from 250+ to 62 photos but I am picky with photos!

I should hopefully be posting a few in the nexy few days :)

I was right about them looking good on the small lcd and rough on a monitor.That's all I'm saying. ;)

Thanks for the comments. :)
Awww an albino baby!

Great shots! :mrgreen:

bout time you started post some shots mate
A neighbor has a wally as a pet. (It can be full of mischief!) I really like the second. Really captured it's "personality" for lack of a better world. And it looks fine on my monitor for a reduced image. I would think the full size is a real kicker.
Funny captions you thought up for these, especially the one for the second photo shown makes the photo as such even funnier (and more "human" :D).

Boy, they have quite some claws! I did not know THAT!
nice shots of a young Wallaby and it does look like an albino to me, full grown adults are dark brown and no pink around the eyes or snout....re the claws, I once saw a Kangaroo rip the front of a persons clothes off....he was teasing it with food, silly bugger.

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