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    Can't decide on an SLR

    I'm in the market right now for a medium format SLR and am having some trouble deciding on a system. I was originally going to order an ARAX (retooled Kiev) 60 SLR from Arax Photo, but it's a good thing I didn't have the money last week because now I think I have another option. The Pentacon Six. I can't decide between the Arax ($486) or the Pentacon (eBay pricing varies). The Arax comes with:

    • WL Finder and Metered Prism Finder
    • Kit lens
    • Arax Bag
    • Lens hood
    • All caps for body and lens
    • Flash Shoe holder
    • Macro Ring

    Also, the Arax comes with a 1 year warranty. That's definitely a plus. I was really just wondering whether or not the Pentacon is going to be a nicer camera that will outlast the "new" Arax. Or if the Arax has a better value. Anyone got any experience with either?
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    Right now the market is flooded with RB/RZ stuff at very low prices. You have more than enough for the beginnings of a nice system. Spending $500 on Arax instead of a Mamiya is like buying a restored Yugo when you could have gotten a reliable '97 Civic for the same price.

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    The Pentacon is a nice camera but they often have film advance problems which are only noticed when film is actually shot and processed.

    The Pentax 6x7 is more reliable and finding lenses and other accessories is much easier.

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    I recently picked up a Bronica ETRSI from a used camera store and paid a decent price for it. It's 6x4.5, so smaller negative than 6x6 or 6x7, naturally, but I've found it's a nice place to start for medium format. The build is solid, from what I can tell, and parts are available quite readily on the used market for fairly cheap. If anything, it is straightforward to shoot and the camera doesn't get in your way (no nonsense functions to confuse or accidentally get set)




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