backpacking throughout Asia - the best method to carry everything?

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    I am planning to backpack throughout Asia in the coming months. Something that I am certainly excited about!

    My questions is what would be the best means to carry both my photo gear as well as my 'life' on a backpack.

    I currenty own the Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW and was thinking of wearing this on the front my chest to carry my gear; and buying a standard 40L backpack to carry everything else that I will need to live.

    However, is there a known method to carry all of this? Perhaps a backpack that is designed to carry both a photgrapher's gear as well as what is needed to actually backpack for an extended period?

    Thanks for your advice! It is appreciated!


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    I have a Lowepro Topload Zoom AW that's about.....geez...I don't know how old it is...maybe 12 years. It has a harness strap that sits the bag on your chest. It is small and will only handle body, two lenses (kit sizes - don't even think something like a 70-200mm) and a few odds and sods. I backpacked Western Europe with this and had a regular backpack to carry my life in. I liked it because I could easily be walking along and the camera was at the ready by being in front.

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