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    I've had my D-90 for about a month now and am beginning to accumulate small accessories like lens pens etc. I have two 67mm kit lenses and need a couple of clear glass (protection) filters and a circular polarizer. I usually order from B&H and polarizers can run from $50.00 to $300. There's also a pretty wide price range on clear glass too. I looked at B+W, Nikon and Hoya (they don't even carry Vivitar). I'm an armature (in caps) and am spending more time with my nose in the manual than my eye in the viewfinder. I don't want to get junk that could ruin a photo, but the budget is tight. Can anybody suggest a specific brand or price range? The choices are so wide, I'm really in the dark here.

    Thanks, as always, Tom Beard

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    Don't waste any money on clears or any other 'protection' filters. Use the lens caps, put the hood on, handle your camera and lens with the respect they deserve, and you're good to go.

    A circular polarizer is a standard piece of gear to have for most outdoor images that don't have people in them. (polarizing filters do funny things to the color of some peoples skin.)

    Buy the best you can afford. This is glass you're adding to your lens and low quality stuff can degrade your image quality in a number of ways.

    You have to be careful with buying Hoya filters, some are good and some aren't. B+W is a top filter brand. Best is Singh-Ray if you want the rectangular filters that you put in a holder.

    This Hoya will work (you only need 1, just swap it back and forth between both 67 mm lenses: Hoya | 67mm Circular Polarizer (HMC) Multi-Coated | A67CRPL

    B+W is a top brand:
    This will work: B+W | 67mm Circular Polarizer Multi-Resistant Coated | 66-044842

    This is better because it's sealed: B+W | 67mm Kaeseman Circular Polarizing | 66045618 | B&H Photo

    and a round 67mm Singh-Ray: Singh-Ray | 67mm LB Warming Polarizing Filter | LBWP67 | B&H

    and Happy New Year I hit it just right 12:00.

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