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    Its a great little flash. Its been very good to me. It fires consistanly, and it auto mode it does very good metering the shot and coming up with a pretty good exposure. I've used it mostly as an off camera slave. works pretty well. i'm upgrading to some nikon sb's and dont see that i'll need this any more and i have too much stuff laying around as it is ha.

    The velcro on the sides is for the diffuser that will come with it. i did not have the diffuser with me at the time i took the photos of it. the diffuser is one for a SB 600 so it was just a little to big so i used the velcro to secure it.

    Here is B&H page on it..
    Digi-Slave | Deluxe 3000 Slave Flash | 1600 | B&H Photo Video

    Asking $55 shipped (within the states)







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