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FS/Feeler/Whats it worth. Fujica ax-5 +extras

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by exodus1500, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. exodus1500

    exodus1500 TPF Noob!

    Jul 22, 2008
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    I have no idea what this camera and its lenses are worth. It was given to me by my uncle, but is too much for me to handle. I have too many hobbies to have enough time to learn how to use it... haha

    Everything works fine on it(minus my lack of photography skills).

    The lenses say on them(bear with me here, I am not sure exactly what information is relevant:
    1) Vivitar VMC Skylight 1A 58mm 35-70mm, macro, and about 5 billion numbers.
    2) Toshiba 49mm SL-1A, X-Fujinon, 1:1.6 f-50mm DM, 595004
    3) FX ROKUNAR 2XMC4 AUTO Tele converter, 5702027




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