Glossy versus Matte in what situations

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    I have been trying to find some opinion on this topic. Where landscapses are concerned, mountains, lakes, ocean, etc. does one want glossy or matte? B&W vs. Color? Portraits? I realize there is no right answer, but I am looking for some opinions. Thanks.


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    I prefer BW to color in most situations, but that's just what I'm into. Occasionally I see something that needs to be shot in color.

    I usually prefer the look of glossy over matte for both landscapes and portraits, although there is some middle ground semi-matte surfaces that look good. I do most of my BW printing on glossy fiber paper, which actually has sort of a semi-matte surface.

    If I think the prints are going to be handled a lot (such as proofs for my customers), I usually go with matte or semi-matte to avoid fingerprints.

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