Got images of warehouse stockpiles? Could earn $250

Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Arob, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Okay don't beat me up for this, I'm just trying to help out. I bring an opportunity.


    First let me say that I respect you here. Reading your posts, I can spot the veterans

    Last month I told you about an MRP company licensing images of machines making things on the factory floor
    A Manufacturing Process | Lenzr
    Didnt go over very well as most of you thought the rewards too low

    There was only 15 submissions to that contest because, in part, they had excluded USA participants and it was indoor photography only, and not many people can get indoors at an assembly plant these days. The challenge ended without much fanfare and a Plasma Torch won the match.

    Now they're back again with Warehouse Stockpiles which hopes to garner images (to license) for two more pages on their website. The license is $250 for three yrs and they will also make three separate offers of $75 for three other images of their choosing.

    The first page is a white paper called inventory management which is pretty much as it sounds - they're looking for pictures, small by your standards, 600x only to decorate the page (make a scroller) and hope to see both raw materials awaiting processing or finished goods awaiting shipment.

    A much harder challenge is the production planning page and that's the second web destination for which they seek pictures.

    Yes, I know its a small reward by professional standards, but there it is. More information about Warehouse Stockpiles on Lenzr blog.

    The challenge ends Nov 25th and the winner(s) are announced Dec 1st. This match is open to residents of USA, also Quebec.


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