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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by gendarmee, Oct 30, 2008.

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    I use Fine JPEG normally with P&S, & use RAW only when necessary.
    Tried the RAW + jpeg option for snapping fireworks and found the difference b/w the cam processed and Adobe processed pics were astoundingly evident, the cam ones are hazy and plasticity while the adobe ones are crisp and real.
    I have a couple of questions on my mind...

    How does Clarity, vibrance effect the picture? Both remain unchanged during auto processing, what would be effect if they are changed?
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    The clarity slider increases contrast in the midtones. It makes most pictures pop and I use it on most of my pictures. I don't use the vibrance slider, I usually use just a little bit of saturation, like 10 to 13. I read somewhere that Adobe added the vibrance slider as an alternative to the saturation slider because people frequently over do it.

    I always sharpen in Camera Raw. I usually set it to 100 and then slide the masking slider over to remove the sharpness from the background. You do this by holding down the Alt key while moving the slider. BTW, you need to be zoomed to 100% to do this.

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