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    Hi Everyone,

    I am on the verge of buying this

    Bowens Gemini 500R/ 500R Travelpak Kit - Jessops

    however, i need to understand what extras i need to buy with it...

    Would it be worth me getting a remote control?(Bowens Gemini Remote Control BW3960 - Only £50.00 - Park Cameras Online) For complete wireless flash triggers would i have to buy two pulsar trigger cards as such? (Bowens Pulsar Trigger Card R series Heads - Only £70.00 - Park Cameras Online) and the radio trigger (Bowens BW-5150 Pulsar Radio Trigger (Single Unit) - Only £110.00 - Park Cameras Online).

    As you can tell i am new at studio shooting with lights etc. So any help given would really benefit me, thanks alot!


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