How to "Frame" a picture?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by catweh00, Apr 6, 2005.

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    I know I have seen these frames a million times, but I do not know how to do them. I have adobe CS and illustrator and Image Ready, along with nikon capture. Which commands do I use to put a frame around the picture?

    Thanks a ton for your advice! I will be sure to post some of my pics from the Cincy zoo as soon as I figure this out.

    ps--Im speaking about the frames that run the border of the photo, that make it stand out, almost 3D, and gives some depth to the photot--they look as if they are hanging on a wall or something.


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    What I typically like to do is, in Photoshop, go to IMAGE, then Canvas Size, then choose how big you want the canvas in inches, pixels, or percentage. It will increase the size of the canvas beyond the image. The color of the canvas will be whatever your background color is set to.

    If you want a small outline around the picture inside the frame, then before you increase the canvas size, select the whole image with the marquee tool, then right-click and choose "stroke". It'll let you choose the color and pixel width.
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    I finally understand! Thanks a bunch =p.

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