I believe that it can be interesting.

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    Hello to all. I believe that this subject can be interesting. We can to say in this forum, some musical subjects, that we have used for presentations of photos, accompanied by musica. I, for example, have used of Dido- White Flag- and - See you when youre -, and has been really well. Come, to say your favorite musical subjects, for this type of presentations, and this way, we can all help us.

    Hola a todos. Creo que este tema puede resultar interesante. Podriamos decir en este foro, algunos temas musicales, que hemos utilizado para presentaciones de fotos, acompa├▒adas de musica. Yo, por ejemplo, he utilizado de DIDO- White Flag- and -See you when youre-, y ha quedado realmente bien. Venga, decir vuestros temas musicales favoritos, para este tipo de presentaciones, y de esta manera, podemos todos ayudarnos.


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