I'm doing a Kickstarter Project that Features Self Employed Photographers and Artists

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've just launched a Kickstarter Project that features photographers and artists from various disciplines who have made tangible sacrifices in the pursuit of their craft. I wanted to share my project with you incase you or anyone you know would be a good fit for this series. The idea behind this project is to tell the stories of the struggles and sacrifices that an artist makes to live out their dream. For example, one of the artists that we are featuring lives in Brooklyn and because of the limited space there she had to build her darkroom right in her bedroom and she sleeps among all the hazardous chemicals. Although this is very unsafe and unhealthy she is determined to live out her dream of being a fine art photographer.

    The concept behind this project began in 2010 when after a year of starting a photography business, almost simultaneously, my boyfriend/ business partner developed an intestinal autoimmune disease and I developed Celiacs disease. These happened to us both from the stresses of running a fledgling business and adapting to a meager lifestyle in order to maintain it. We would often put our money toward equipment rater than food and we were eating very poorly, mostly bread and pasta until both our bodies started rejecting any foods with gluten (wheat) and we become very ill.

    To give you a better idea of what we're doing check out our kickstarter: Execution: Conceptual Large Scale Ambrotypes by Linked Ring Photography — Kickstarter We are looking for new artists to feature so if you have a story about a sacrifice you've made in order to pursue your dream we'd love to hear from you! You can find our contact information and criteria for being featured on our Execution Series blog: The "Execution" Project - Become Part of the Project

    The eventual output of these images will be some of the largest ambrotypes ever made (24 x 30 inch photographs printed on glass using an 1800s process) We have made one 20.5 x 23.5 inch ambrotype glass print for the project so far:


    Thanks for checking out our project! We look forward to hearing from you :)

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    interesting project!

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