Inket Printer Using Laser Paper?

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    Hi everyone, I hope this is in the correct section (so many sections to post in!)

    I'm printing some of my portrait work onto 8.5" x 11" glossy photo paper, which I then sell to the general public (portraits of celebrities, artworks, etc.) (I'm an artist, so I paint/sketch/draw my work).

    The prints look great, but when I mat them and then package them into clear, plastic bags, the print sticks to the plastic. This ultimately ruins the print immediately.

    Even if I let the prints dry, eventually they stick to the plastic when the temperature rises (outside in the summertime, for example.)

    I'm wondering if there's another sort of paper I can use to print my artwork on.. I was thinking laser paper?

    Or maybe a photo paper which is not so glossy, maybe a matte or soft-gloss type, something which won't stick to the plastic when inserted for sale.

    Laser paper is inexpensive and yields great photo-like results, I'm assuming.

    Can anyone offer some advice on whether or not laser paper is okay to use with inket printers?


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