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    i have a canon 1N film camera and have the option of taking up to 9 photos on one frame.

    my question is, when i set up how many exposures i want, does my camera automatically compensate for exposure?

    would changing my f stop between shots mess up the exposure?

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    I don't know if your camera compensates or not but the rule of thumb is to reduce the amount of light for each exposure. For example, if you were to take 2 exposures you need to 1/2 the light. I think that if you took 3 you'd need 1/8 the light and so on. This can be acheived either by f stops or shutter speeds. My film camera has a button on it for multiple exposures and I believe my digital can as well. I was planning to experiment with it one day.
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    In every automatic camera I have seen this, where the option is preset, the exposure is compensated.

    But why ask us?

    Set your camera normally and point it at the sky. Note the shutter speed and aperture that your camera is reading out. Then set the option and point it at the sky again.

    Shutter and aperture indicators on cameras are absolute. If they change then the exposure is compensated for, if not then it isn't.

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