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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Tighearnach, Dec 17, 2009.

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    I just got my new 50D. Love it!

    Never had noise reduction on a previous camera so just a few questions.

    Firstly when i shoot RAW, if my setting of noise reduction had been set to standard lets say will the camera apply this noise reduction to the RAW image or, because its a RAW file, the camera will not apply any noise reduction?

    Also if im shooting JPEG (or RAW if the answer above is yes the camera applies noise reduction) when i view the image on the LCD, is the noise reduction already applied? (im pretty sure it is, just thought id check)


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    The 50D has (as far as I can work out) two levels of noise reduction. One is a build in noise reduction which is applied to every shot at a fixed amount *you have no control over this* which includes alll RAW shots. The additional noise control that you have control over won't be applied to your RAW shots, but will be applied to the JEPG that is embedded into every RAW shot (just like the other in camera editing settings are) and it is this which is displayed on the LCD of the camera and in the images if you open them on a computer using something like windows photoviewer.

    Note also that if you use the canon RAW processing software it can be set to read the defaults from your camera settings (filed along with the RAW shot) so that incamera settings will be applied to the RAW shot as default values

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