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Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by gnGracie, Nov 10, 2009.

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    I just got a new Sony a700 (my dad's old camera), which I'm loving. But, when I download the pics, the vertical pics are not automatically rotated and I really don't want to rotate them one by one. My other camera came with a program that rotated them automatically for me.

    I was told that many cameras have an in-camera way to change that (so that all vertical pictures are rotated automatically), but I cannot find that in my owner's manual. Does anyone know how to do this on this particular camera (or is it even an option for this particular camera)?

    Otherwise, is there a (preferably free) program that will automatically rotate all vertical pictures? I would like to be able to just open "my pictures" folder and have all of the vertical pictures (from all of the cameras in our house) already rotated.

    TIA for any help. :D


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    It depends on how the camera works and what software you use. Most cameras these days flag a bit of data in the picture known as ExIF data what orientation the picture should have been in. There are many picture viewers that automatically rotate the image the correct way when they see this flag.

    Some cameras will actually save the correct orientation. In either case check the camera manual to try and find the setting, and if it doesn't work then assume the above ExIF method is being used and change your software.

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