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    I like these Cokin ones quite a bit. I have a whole batch I am experimenting with and contrary to what the guy who gave them to me told me they do seem to be working with my digital just fine. I can't quite figure out why he said that actually because the first resin filter I ever saw was being used by Bryan Peterson on a digital Nikon in one of his training videos! It was one of the Sunset ones.

    I have these thus far:


    Vivitar VMC Skylight 1A 49MM
    Canon Skylight 1A 42MM
    Tiffen Red 1 52MM
    Tiffen Polarizer 52MM
    Tiffen 49/52MM Haze
    Tiffen 55MM Sky 1-A

    Cokin Type:

    Cokin Cromofilter A-056/057 Star 4XA-8XA
    Cokin Cromofilter A-198-Sunset I
    Cokin Cromofilter A-150 Fog
    Cokin Cromofilter A-123 Blue Graduated
    Cokin Cromofilter A-160 Polarizer
    Cokin Cromofilter SA-B397-Pre-Shaped Frames (2 sets)
    Cromatek Grad Vignette Low Key V-16
    Cromatek Colored Cameo Grey CC1
    Cromatek Colored Soft Cameo Grey ND-2 CS12
    Tek Filter CF-3 Radial Zoom
    Ambico-7740 Skylight
    Ambico Yellow-Green X1/11
    Kodak Ultrachrom 50 Moonlight
    Braun 34 Color Filter Lens with Four Colors in Case
    Cokin A Filter Holder

    I'm definitely thinking of adding either a R,G,B,Y basic either on lens or resin set, and the Cokin Sunset II is definitely on my list. I do have the red in a Tiffen screw on, but the square filters actually seem more versatile to me as they can fit almost any camera I own.

    I was wondering what other special effects filters you all have and like to use? Is there anything else you'd suggest I add as I go along? What's in your bag filter-wise besides the average UV ones? Just curious.

    I'm mostly an "au natural" photographer. I've never much used the filters I bought with my digital actually, but I do like these Cokin color and special effects ones I've gotten so far. I know you can do most of this in Photoshop or via a plugin now too, but I'm still into using these and having some fun anyway. I think the sunset and star filters I have are my favorites so far.

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