The Edwardians In Colour

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    For those brits on the forum, BBC4 are showing the above program at 7pm all this week, it's basically Edwardian times in colour.

    A French guy called Albert Kahn decided to make a photographic atlas of the world and sent photographers off around the globe armed with the first colour film - well glass - called autochrome.

    Some of the pictures are outstanding for the time, and it is strange to look at a what is mainly a black and white world in real life colour.

    Apparently he funded it for about 20 years and has amassed a collection of 72,000 glass slides from all over the globe until the crash of 1929 called a halt to his finances.

    And for those who can;t get BBC 4 here's a taster of some of the stuff.

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    Dang, won't be able to get the show, but the pics at the link are very interesting.

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