What is your source for digital backdrops?

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    What is your favourite source for Digital Backdrops? Ive been looking for a good source of digital backdrops, and the ones ive found have not impressed me. I may have to end up going onto istock to find some. There are a few digital backgrounds that I would really like. The first being a victoriian/elegant Christmas tree/room that would be good for some kids, and a group of adults. The 2nd being a more kid friendly Christmas tree/room, perhaps disneyfied. And the 3rd is a winter wonderland scene. I really liked the lamppost scene from narnia 1 a few years ago, but thats probably to old now. And this one is not Christmas/winter related. I would like a pixie/forest type scene. I figure this would be cute for some smaller kids. I know the focus of the image should not be the background, but the subject, but some backgrounds can make for a cute picture. And help sales. :D


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