What Olympus cheap SLR's do you consider the best?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by OB-LL426, Jun 2, 2008.

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    New camera time!

    Everyone knows when its time for a new camera, and I think I'm finally ready to move up to an SLR. I have a pretty good digital (Other than it died a few days ago. It fell of the tripod. :x) that I've had for about 6 months, and now that its broken, and its summer, I feel like I have the time to save up enough for a SLR. I need an Olympus, since thats what my old camera was, and I don't want to put to waste the telephoto lense I have, that I've only used a handful of times.

    I've been looking more into it, and I know I don't want anything over 600 dollars, but its pretty hard to come by cheaper SLR's, unless you go to Ebay, but I don't trust them enough to buy a camera from.
    One Digital SLR I'm looking into, is this one...

    It seems better than my old Olympus (Olympus SP550 UZ) yet not to complicated. It is said to be pretty small so I'm guessing its a bit larger than my old camera, but not too big for my smaller hands.Plus, its 439.88 dollars, and even better, the refurbished one is about a hundred dollars less. I could probably save up enough for it by the end of the summer, but I stil ldon't want to be absolutely sure on that camera, incase theres something better, and cheaper.

    So, what cheap, yet very good Olympus SLR's have you heard of?
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    I have the e-510 and really like it. It is a tad bit bigger than than the 410 as it has a bigger grip area. Not sure what the other advantages of it are. I know one thing is the image stabilization the 510 has but the 410 does not.


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