1. C

    Rolleiflex 6002 "Property of Rollei"?

    Hey there. Just found a Rolleiflex 6002 on craigslist that was originally picked up at an estate sale from a deceased photographer. On the front of the camera, under the lens, it says "Service Equipment" and then under that "Property of Rollei". I have never seen anything like this on one of...
  2. Justin TW

    Help with guessing how old this film is.

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone might be able to inform me of the roughage of this film? I recently bought my first medium format camera and the lady gave me this roll of film with it. I know it's old, but I can't quite figure out how old. Or even if it's worth trying to shoot with...
  3. W

    4x6 Lubitel film frames

    Good evening, I've had some good experiences with some of the cameras from the FSU. So, since I don't have any other medium format cameras, I decided to get a Lubitel 166 Universal. The Universal has the advantage of being able to take two different sizes of photos on 120 film provided the...
  4. V

    Weird damage pattern on 120 film (Rolleiflex)

    After I got my film developed in a local photography shop I noticed this very unusual "light leak" damage and a pattern of dots to go along with it. It only affected first frame of two rolls that I have looked at for the most part. Some of the subsequent frames display a bit of a dot pattern as...
  5. EhJsNe

    For Sale: 12 Reel Stainless Steel Developing Tank With Reels - $95 OBO

    Hey guys. I used to be fairly active on this forum. It's been a couple years and I've since pretty much stopped doing anything with film. When I do, it surely isn't a lot and I have a 12 reel tank that gets much more use than this beast. This developing tank holds 12 35mm reels or 6 120 reels...
  6. rexbobcat

    Finally got my first few rolls of 120 developed and scanned

    I got three rolls of Portra 160 developed earlier this year but didn't get them scanned because the place was wayyyyyy overpriced. But since I moved there's a photo store about 5 minutes away that can scan them. I'm pleased. I knew that film has a lot of latitude, but I'm a bit surprised just...