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    Good evening,

    I've had some good experiences with some of the cameras from the FSU. So, since I don't have any other medium format cameras, I decided to get a Lubitel 166 Universal. The Universal has the advantage of being able to take two different sizes of photos on 120 film provided the appropriate frame is in place.

    Several of them are available on ebay at any given time, but the film frames seem to be something that gets lost, so finding an auction for a used Lubi with the film and viewfinder frames is the exception to the rule. The Lomography website sells a complete Lubitel kit with everything you could possibly want for one that costs around $350US. It's almost comically understated for me to say that seems a mite dear.

    My question is: Is it possible to make your own functional film and viewfinder frames for this camera? I've heard that there is a service out there that sells replacements, but there is something about a Soviet camera that inspires a certain amount of DIY spirit. It would seem more rewarding to solve the problem with materials at hand.

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