1. Mitica100

    Scanning 4x5 negatives

    Going into LF in a short while and wondering what scanners are out there. I looked at Epson Perfection v700, are other makers that do the same? TIA Dimitri
  2. A

    Polaroid 545 PN Film Holder

    When Polaroid discontinued the films they offered for this single sheet holder, I thought I now had a new door stop. Then, not long ago, New 55 PN film became available - New55 FILM | Real photography – without a darkroom. and the 545 is useful again. Unfortunately, I no longer have any 4X5...
  3. M

    Free - Omega D2's? COMPLETE

    MOD EDIT Repeat thread - original thread with photos here FREE - Omega D2's? COMPLETE ello, I listed this a few weeks ago and have attached additional photos. I have a 4x5 enlarger that I haven't used in years and would like to find it a new home. Actually, I have 2 of them and would like...