1. I

    600d shutter blade pin visible Infront of sensor?

    Hi, when looking inside the camera(in sensor cleaning mode) with sensor visible I can see a small metal clip sticking up a few mm Infront of the sensor from the bottom... it looks like one of the metal clips on a shutter blade, is this supposed to be there I have gently pushed it back so it...
  2. L

    Dilemma with Canon t3i/600D

    Hi! Here's my issue: I've had the canon 600D for about four years now, but recently it took some water and won't turn on. I have the kit 18-135mm that I barely use, a 50mm (the cheapest one) and a 35-80 mm from my dads film camera Although it's been four years I still have a lot of room for...
  3. Peakapot

    Canon speedlite 430ex ii

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if this speedlite is fully compatible with the canon 600d. I can't find the answer anywhere. Regards Dan
  4. L

    lenses for 600d or new camera

    hello everybody. Im going to make my home studio soon and i have an extra 1000$ for the camera and lenses. i am stuck between buying a new camera (nikon 5300-7200-canon 6d) with cheap lens or getting a good lens for my 600d .
  5. A

    Canon 600D + 430ex ii speedlite = slow recharge

    Hi all. This is my very first post - so please bear with me, if I've created this thread in the wrong category. I'm a beginner to photographing. My partner (well, I'm her assistant) told me to buy a Canon 600D, a 50mm lens and the 430ex ii speedlite flash. When I shoot in auto mode, the flash...