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lenses for 600d or new camera


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Jan 16, 2016
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hello everybody. Im going to make my home studio soon and i have an extra 1000$ for the camera and lenses. i am stuck between buying a new camera (nikon 5300-7200-canon 6d) with cheap lens or getting a good lens for my 600d .
My default answer is to the body/lens conundrum: Get good glass first.
Get good lenses then when you make money buy a new camera and make sure you go for a full frame camera and full frame lenses
You really need first to decide what system you want to work with.
Both Canon and Nikon make good cameras so decide first where you heading.
APS-C vs FF is another thing you need to consider
If you are mostly focusing at portraits then both APS-C and FF will do the work nicely, you shoot at 100ISO so both cameras will do just fine.
Lens are important no doubt, if you are thinking your end plan is going FF then get FF lenses.
As a Nikon guy I would tell you go with Nikon cameras but Canon is great too.
Body first of lenses first ?
As I said first decide who you want to work with and then get the lenses first and body later.

Good luck
Well, you are planning to work in the studio. That means you will usually work at ISO 100 and f/8. APS-C is good at ISO 100. At f/8, most lenses are good.

Your prime priority is thus IMHO that you get good lighting (flash, studio flash, possibly constant light) and good lighting mods (which can often be very cheap with DIY).

With a budget of 1000$, you wont be able to afford full frame. Except if you go the route Nikon D700 with Nikon AI lenses. Which besides is not a bad route at all, but as I pointed out before, its probably not your main priority.

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