1. M

    FS: Mamiya 645 AFD kit (eBay)

    Camera includes 80mm 1:2.8 Lens 55-110mm 1:4.5 Lens Metz Flash Includes all caps. I will accept a $2250 offer.
  2. Soocom1

    Back from a VERY LONG hiatus.. New (old ) Mamiya 645.

    OK so after a VERY LONG hiatus, I am back for a bit. Shooting a newly acquired mamiya 645 (pre 1000). Curious to how many 645 shooters in film there still are and what film are you getting. Its a tough road now to find it and not break the bank.
  3. B

    cleaning an old mamiya prism

    Hi, I've just received my AE prism finder for Mamiya m645. Unfortunately it has some fingerprints on the glass (probably guys from customs... eh...). Can I clean it just as a lens, using microfibre cloth and an optics-cleaning liquid?
  4. F

    Mamiya 645 AFD III DM22 DSLR kit

    Up for sale is a Mamiya 645 AFD III DM22 DSLR kit, which include the Mamiya 645 AFD III body, 80/2.8 lens with hood, Leaf Aptus II 22MP digital back. The camera is in great working condition, with only few used marks, the back's screen is clean, no marks on it, the back only has few hundred...