1. aeparks

    Canon Ae-1 Program

    I was going to purchase an AE-1 Program camera tomorrow from someone and when I was looking at the photo I realized that the piece on the front that says "canon" is black. To my knowledge, I thought AE-1 programs were either all black or all silver, does anyone have any ideas about this? Was the...
  2. Y

    AE-1 Beginner

    Hi I just found my father's old ae-1 (not pro) and thought it would be fun to start shooting with it. Bought battery and film but it turned out it needs some mechanical fixing before it works. Parts have been ordered and I think I'll be able to fix it. What I'm curious about is the different...
  3. G

    Canon AE-1 issue?

    Hi, I just bought the Canon AE-1 and noticed that the self-timer light is on, constantly. It's not as bright but more soft. Even if it's on lock mode. Is this normal? If anyone can answer this question, I appreciate it.
  4. L

    pentax k1000 vs canon ae-1

    hi everyone! im a first time film camera buyer, and i have almost little to no practice with manual mode aside from toying around with manual mode a little on my mirrorless camera i am looking to buy a pentax k1000 for around 130 euros, possibly a little more for shipping, as i have heard it is...
  5. wacky941

    Hello from Texas

    I would just like to start my time here by saying hello to everyone. I've had camera's pretty much my whole life but, I consider myself to be a hobbyist/novice. I have digital cameras and accessories that I really enjoy using but lately, I'm starting to revert back to my film cameras that I...