1. Fujidave

    RIP To the Brave

    Just a shot I took of a fight display at Shoreham airshow a while ago.
  2. W

    "Fortus maneuver"

    "Fortus maneuver" performed by Blue Angel pilots in Owensboro, KY.
  3. EIngerson

    Mira Mar Air Show. San Diego CA.

    It was the weekend before last. I took Friday off from work and went out there and got fried because I didn't bring my super cool straw photo shootin' hat. Still had a blast!!!! So here's what I got. 1 Air show.-23 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr 2 Air show.-26 by Eric Ingerson, on Flickr 3 Air...
  4. pez

    Local Air Show

    @PDK Airport in Atlanta, two days ago. This last frame is Greg Connell knife-edging his Pitts. Greg tragically died in a crash incident during this show.
  5. petrochemist

    A few from the Clacton Airshow:

    I spent Thursday & Friday last week, trying to capture the Clacton Airshow. I didn’t manage anything to the standard of many here, but I’m reasonably pleased with some of the results: Autogyro 2015 by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr IMGP5402small by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr IMGP5612small by Mike...