Which pairs with photography better?

    I don't mean to start the Android/Apple debate, but I am currently in the market for a new phone and would like to take into account the device I use everyday. Do either provide more of a photography tool than the other? Whether it be access to certain apps, having better tools within, or...
  2. nerwin

    Red & Green

    So I have honestly no idea what I was going for here but I saw a green apple in the fridge and there was this bright red serving platter on the counter and for some reason it just clicked in my head. Now I was strapped for time as I had somewheres to be and I was losing window light fast so I...
  3. jessecrowdenphotography

    The Apple

    I created this picture a while ago back when I was taking a photography course. Let me know what you think
  4. footballfan993

    9.7" iPad Pro, thoughts?

    Unless you've been living underneath a rock the past couple of weeks, you should know that Apple recently released new products. these products are an iPhone SE and a 9.7" iPad Pro. My particular interest is in the 9.7" iPad Pro. I have a few friends that own the 12.9" iPad Pro, and have...
  5. footballfan993

    Apple vs. FBI

    I'm wondering what are your thoughts on the Apple vs. FBI case, that has popped up in the next this week? The latest that I have heard is that Apple has shown that the Apple ID of the iPhone owner's device was changed after the FBI was in possession of the iPhone. Apple implies FBI screwup...