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baby photography

  1. NGH

    Looking for a photographer for 1st birthday - LA area

    Any photographers out there? :D I know, silly question We'd like to get some professional photos of our baby girl and us parents for her 1st birthday. I'm a halfway decent photographer but not up to doing this especially as I want to be in some of the photos too. We live in Sylmar just North...
  2. Flavio

    Fuji macro lens vs extension tube

    Hi everyone! I just became a father for the 2nd time today and I was thinking in investing on a macro lens to get those sweet details of the baby. But I've found out that I could just get a extension tube for the same purpose. Have anyone out there used one or have any info about these...
  3. pumpkinphotography

    Tips and Tricks for Newborn Baby Photography

    Newborn baby photography is extremely challenging. As the babies can have a tendency to be somewhat uncooperative, additionally they spend a lot of time sleeping and almost no time smiling. This article has few clues and tips that ought to ideally demonstrate to you proper methodologies to...