1. DesertFilth

    A nice camera travel backpack also for room clothing storage?

    I’ve recently been looking for a good travel backpack not just my dslr but also to store other things like clothes,accessories maybe even a laptop. I know lowepro has some good options, manfrotto has a good line of options but look small even the larger ones available. I really don’t want to...
  2. E

    Photography backpacks - pictures requested

    Hi! Considering getting a new backpack that in addition to a camera, a couple of lenses, filters, a tripod and a flash or two(with triggers) also can carry some essentials like extra layers of clothes, a water bottle etc. Basically everything I need for walking around for a day of...
  3. M

    Photo backpack

    Hi! I am new here, so if I misplaced this thread, please move it to right sub forum. Also, excuse me for my English, as it is not my primary language. Okay, I am looking to buy my first photo backpack. Till now, I had just handbags or. how it's called. I am looking for that kind of backpack...