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Dec 26, 2015
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I am new here, so if I misplaced this thread, please move it to right sub forum. Also, excuse me for my English, as it is not my primary language.

Okay, I am looking to buy my first photo backpack. Till now, I had just handbags or. how it's called. I am looking for that kind of backpack, that I could use mostly for hiking, but also for cycling, because I usually cycle to nearby mountains and then go hiking or I go and cycle for all day, sometimes I also sleep somewhere else and return next day.

So, I would need backpack who will allow me to store my camera (Nikon D750), and at least one lens (24-120 f4) which is mounted on camera. But maybe even more important thing is, that backpack allow me to carry with me other stuff like some t-shirts, softshell, water bottle or two, sandwiches, snacks, maybe bicycle repair know, stuff you need to "survive" :) If there is a place for tripod, that would be a big plus. (maybe even a sleeping bag!)

So, I was looking for this two backpacks:
- Manfrotto off road hiker 30L ( Off road Hiker 30L Backpack Blue | MB OR-BP-30BU | Manfrotto )
- Lowepro photosport AW 300 II ( Pro DSLR Sport Camera Backpack | LowePro | Photo Sport II Camera bags, backpacks and rolling cases )

The backpack would need to be comfortable to wear for extended period of time and allow me to grab my camera quickly, without taking down backpack.

So, I would really like to hear some experiences if anyone own any of this two backpacks. Are they big enough? Which of those two has bigger storage for personal stuff? which one is more confortable? I read somewhere that lowepro wrist belt is not good.

What do you think? Can you suggest any other backpack?

Thank you very much!

Greetings and happy holidays,
I personally like the lowepro bags. I have several and they are comfortable for all day hiking. I just took mine to Yellowstone and Grand Teton for 2 days worth of hiking and climbing. My big one holds a water res and a lot of gear.
Thanks for replay!
Do you maybe own Lowepro PhotoSport 300 backpack?
Hmm, I think flipside models don't have enough place for other stuff. But I will check them also.
I was carrying 25 lbs in the 20L all day for 2 days hiking. It was pretty manageable and we did some climbing to reach waterfalls. It's balanced and the design makes it easy to switch lenses in the field.
It just depends on how you configure the inside. Plenty of space for water and Cliff bars and such. Probably not your lunch or climbing gear but it's a big customizable bag
Also another thought.... If you are a serious backpacker you might consider a mirrorless system so you have less weight and more room for things like a tent/hammock or sleeping bag.
I will go to nearby camera store and check this backpack. I hope they will have it since it's very small shop. If it is comfortable to wear and has enough of space, then this backpack may be another option to buy.
No, another camera is not an option. I can't afford it, because now I am really tight on budget, and also, I am pretty much used to carry heavy backpacks, so I think this will be fine. But I agree, I would have more space, that would be great.
Thank you!
just to sum up, one week ago I bought Lowepro PhotoSport 300 AW II backpack, and so far I like it a lot. I also managed to try manifrotto backpack, but it was not so comfortable.
If anybody want to know anything about backpack and is in same dilemma as I was, and want to know anything about backpack, I can probably try it and then answer.

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