1. B

    1.4v mercury battery sub?

    My friend recently inherited their grandfathers camera and it used mercury 1.4v batteries. Does anyone know what can be used as a substitute? The convertor is not the same voltage needed and I highly doubt mercury batteries are still made/sold. Thank you in advance!
  2. A

    Canon EOS100 (Elan) Battery Help

    Hi! TL;DR my film camera takes a 2CR5 6v Lithium battery and since the first one died out, none of the batteries from multiple brands work. Help!! This is kind of a long post. I'm new here. A year and some months ago I got a Canon EOS 100 film camera at a used camera store in Glasgow (I...
  3. D

    Swap Drone's battery autonomously?

    Hey guys, I'm very new to drone photography. I got interested in this as I was trying to use my DJI Matrice 100 to film my sister's wedding. It was astonish to me that the drone can only fly for ~25-30 mins before it has to come down and swap the battery. As an engineer, one thought that...
  4. Koshua

    FS: Nikon D7200 Body + Vello Grip + 2 OEM Batteries ($725 shipped)

    I'm selling my D7200 body with less than 7k clicks. I baby my gear so this thing is in mint condition. It comes with a Vello vertical grip that has functioned perfectly since I purchased it. Also included is 2 OEM batteries, the charger, and all original packaging/manuals. The reason I'm...
  5. Matt Friedman

    Minolta Power Question

    I am a pretty experienced Minolta film camera user. I've had three X700s (I still have two of them), a SR-T 202 (I still have it), a SR-T SC II, and an XG-M. I just picked up an XE-7 at an estate sale, and I can't seem to get it to work. I'm stumped. The problem seems to be that it is not...
  6. rlevine

    Yashica 35cc meter issue / battery

    I just picked up a 35cc that was claimed (and seems) to be in really good condition. I loaded a battery in it, battery check reads ok, and the meter definitely works (more light -> faster shutter) but it all seems to be skewing too far to one side of the exposures. I.e., the meter always...
  7. sampaul1996

    Battery draining very quickly

    I’m a professional wedding photographer in chennai and carrying an experience of 2 years in the photography field. I am getting into Vlogging and have the Rode Go External Mic for good audio quality. I have the following cameras. 1. NikonAW 130 – Point and Shoot, Weather Proof camera...
  8. G

    Canon AE-1 issue?

    Hi, I just bought the Canon AE-1 and noticed that the self-timer light is on, constantly. It's not as bright but more soft. Even if it's on lock mode. Is this normal? If anyone can answer this question, I appreciate it.
  9. orbita

    Minolta 7000 shutter won't go off

    Hi! I tried to google it but I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for (or maybe I just don't know what I'm looking for!) and maybe someone here could help. I have a Minolta 7000 which as been with me and working great for 2 years. This week I was taking a photo (about the 4th in the film...
  10. Thomas Cross

    Battery or No battery?

    Looking to buy a 2 light kit. However at a later date I'd like to add more lights when I have more money. IS it recommended that I go with the AC option or a battery option?? It's not essential for me to shoot outdoors and have portability. What is the choice to go with when building an Indoor...
  11. Koshua

    HELP: Target battery inside grip first?

    So I've heard there's a way to set up your camera to use the battery inside your grip before it uses the internal camera battery, that way saving you time from taking your grip off to charge the internal battery when the grip battery is still full. How do I access these settings and select which...