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  1. A

    Beginner film camera recommendations

    Hello, I am just beginning, this would be my first film camera and was looking for a 35mm slr thatd be good at landscapes and portraits, I would love one that has a timer, light meter would be cool although not needed. I would like it below $150 although I can probably go to 200, probably used
  2. ltcvnzl


    this is my first photo series, i'm collecting inner yards pictures. i decided to make them black and white because i wanted to create a bit of abstract/formal impression, and also some unity among them. I'm not really sure if I got this unity and if the images sell this concept of inner...
  3. ltcvnzl

    some city life

    Hi, I'm posting here for critique – I've been photographing for a few years but I'm mostly due intuitive things as I don't know much technique, I like photography but I don't know much what to do with my photos, I think that's why I never studied much about it. I use a Canon T3, 50mm lens and...
  4. SashaGonta

    I just want to know what you think of my photos and what to convey to you?

    What do you think of my pictures? Not to post all the photos I put the link instagram: Sasha Gonta (@unphacido) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. K

    Please support beginner photographer

    I left the link to my works gallery. Karolis Jankauskas Photography Thank u for supporting !