beginner photography

  1. A

    Beginner film camera recommendations

    Hello, I am just beginning, this would be my first film camera and was looking for a 35mm slr thatd be good at landscapes and portraits, I would love one that has a timer, light meter would be cool although not needed. I would like it below $150 although I can probably go to 200, probably used
  2. N

    Photos underexposed

    Hi! i would like to ask for feedback what can i do better for my photos! so i took these with Nikon Fm2, and Umi 800. Camera Iso is at box speed i use my phone as lightmeter. for the 1st photo, i was focusing on the lantern, for the 2nd photo, i was focusing on the font. but the overall photos...
  3. Kevin C. Photography

    One of the best way to learn photography ?

    Hey when i started learning photography i remember that i had a really hard time finding good quality formations online and I finally paid for expensive formations and classes. And recently i had a think, wouldn't be great if you could nowadays simply go on youtube and find all you need to learn...
  4. G

    Pro photographer with iPhone vs beginner with expensive DSLR

    This might seem like a dumb question, but as a beginner, do you think gear is more important? Do you think expensive gear makes a difference to a beginner photographer? I'm asking because I came across this video on YouTube this morning. I thought it made a strong point about the gear we use...
  5. K

    New To Photography C&C Welcome

    Hey guys! I took this photo today.I used IPhone. Would like get your critiques :) I think of shooting one pic everyday for a year.
  6. DaniEven

    Choosing a Camera

    So I've come to the conclusion that I should get either the Nikon D7200 or Canon EOS 80D for what I'm wanting to do. I know that the Canon typically has better glass but that you can find good deals with the Nikon cameras. My question though is which has a better value for their price. The Canon...
  7. L

    50mm or 35mm (f1.8) FOR D3400?

    Recently got a Nikon D3400 for christmas and I was interested in getting a nice cheap lens aside from the kit lenses. I came down to the nikon 50mm 1.8 and the 35mm 1.8 however I'm still not entirely sure about the role the DX and FX frames play in the lens. Would I be wasting money to buy a FX...
  8. Y

    Which camera should I use for product photography? [Beginner Level]

    Hi, Could someone kindly point me into the right direction.... I am planning on doing some product photography for a company I am currently doing my work placement at. They are after photography for their products and have given me the go ahead to purchase the entire kit. The products are all...
  9. T

    Family photos gone bad...

    I am using a Canon Rebel T6 50mm 1.8 lens. I used this lens in all these pics. Now, the pictures with only one person turned out great! Then when I get the group together the back person is always a little blurred. This picture was taken in Av mode at 4.0 aperture, ISO 800 and 1/2000 shutter...