black and white photography

  1. Dreamy and Soft Eyes-.jpg

    Dreamy and Soft Eyes-.jpg

    A One Light Portrait Setup in the Studio
  2. The Girl With The Golden Glow-The Girl with the Golden Glow-IM8A0034BlackandWhite-01.jpg

    The Girl With The Golden Glow-The Girl with the Golden Glow-IM8A0034BlackandWhite-01.jpg

    The Girl With The Golden Glow indoor Portrait Session with a Girl Posing
  3. O

    I Cannot Find 800 ISO Film

    I also shoot with film, I have two Canon film SLR cameras, an FTb QL, and an AE-1; mostly load black and white film. I have taken photographs with 125 ISO, and lately 400 ISO black and white, Ilford film. I have not found 800 ISO film in any photography stores. However, is there any black and...
  4. F

    Monochromes Are Best For Bharatanatyam Photography

    Black and white photography is known to give a lot of depth on any subject. The reason why many images from the 60’s era still stay in our minds is only because of its intensity and this directly translates to ‘Monochrome = Memory Retention’. Especially Bharatanatyam that involves...
  5. DesireeP

    Exploring lakes and back roads in Florida.

    Living in Florida has its ups and downs but if you're able to find that one special road that leads to the middle of nowhere you're bound to find beauty wherever you turn. Enjoying the solitude while I explore and take some photos to practice shooting in manual. I turned my Black and White...
  6. DesireeP

    Noob! Some shots from a black and white weekend.

    Im a noob as most people would say. New to both the forum and to photography as a whole. Art runs through my veins and i have found a true passion in photography... I spent this weekend only allowing myself to see the world in black and white. I knew exactly the type of photos I was looking for...
  7. N

    【Help】I'm designer but newbie in photography, Need Help for buying a Camera.

    Hi guys, Recently I’m ready to buy a camera before I always use iPhone to taken photos, that’s okay but I want to start a series career you know, go art direction, street shoot, fashion series etc. I’m a designer, basically, I’m a newbie in the photography field. So I’m indeed a bit...
  8. A

    Any Vintage Photo Enthusiasts Out There?

    Hi everyone, I'm Abe and hoping to grow my group of friends that collect vintage photography. I'm also a great lover of black and white photography. So, if you are either of those types whether a black and white photographer, collector (or vintage photo enthusiast/ Americana and/or old photos...
  9. F

    Can you accept it ??

    Monochrome is never an old technology or facet of Photography, Black & White photography strides to in-depth Detailing and Aesthetic values. Every bit of these photograph speak volumes of stories without colours in it, the attention to details is what highlights them. Colour Psychology says...