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Mar 28, 2014
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Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
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I also shoot with film, I have two Canon film SLR cameras, an FTb QL, and an AE-1; mostly load black and white film. I have taken photographs with 125 ISO, and lately 400 ISO black and white, Ilford film. I have not found 800 ISO film in any photography stores. However, is there any black and white film that is 800 ISO; or should I set my film speed from the camera's film speed dial up to 800? Thank you for any solid advice.

Hi if you change the film speed on the camera, then you will have to change the processing times
Setting the camera at a lower iso than the film is , pulling
Setting. Ditto. A higher iso than the film is pushing
This is ok to an extent if you are doing your own developing as you can adjust the times
I found in the past, most business that process film just do the standard what is says on the can
The print booths will read the info on the film can and in both cases your pics will not be much good.
Pushing film... you can only push it so far and still get decent results
I just looked on Amazon and they sell 800 iso film about
12. GBP a roll e bay also has listings for 800 iso film
Shoot Kodak T-Max 400 at 800, developed in T-Max developer at 1:1, and it will look just fine. You can actually shoot it at 1600 and get fine results.
You could always shoot some portra 800 and just convert to B&W.

Or like the others have said, you can shoot your 400ISO film as if its 800, and push process by a stop.
Ilford XP2 is a black & white film rated at ISO 400 but it can be shot at 800 with no change in processing. It can also be processed by any lab that processes color print film with no special handling required if shot at ISO 800.
TMAX 3200 is very nice at 800 or even 1600.

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