1. Aiyana.jpg


    A Gorgeous Young Woman Posing Outdoors Smiling in a Black and White Portrait
  2. Watching for Danger

    Watching for Danger

    As we were photographing some of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs on their home range, we heard a rustling sound in the nearby timber. The horses also heard it and stopped in their tracks. They listened for a few moments then turned around and took off to safer grounds.
  3. Red Fox in Spring

    Red Fox in Spring

    Springtime in Wyoming can still hold a measurable amount of snow. This handsome Red Fox found a large patch of snow to lay on and enjoy the warming sunrise.
  4. primefactor123

    B&W Wave Pic

  5. EsoteK

    Ewbank da Camara old Station

    Ewbank da Camara is a small city in Brazil. Unfortunately trains are not used anymore for transport people. Nikon D3300+35MM F7 ISO 100 + Capture One 11
  6. Sudarsan Yennamallli M.

    What's your thoughts on these pics

    Hi all, Do comment your thoughts about these images ... 1. 2. 3.
  7. nerwin

    What story does these tell to you?

    I haven't taken a self portrait depicting emotion in quite some time. I thought this would be something different than my typical photos. I wanted to create a series of photos that represents sort of how I feel lately as I struggle with depression and the negative side effects of being addicted...
  8. nerwin

    It's noisy and I don't care!

    That's right. This photo has tons of noise in it but for some reason I really liked it. Others don't and that's fine but I almost deleted it because I knew others woulden't like it but why should I care what others think if I like it? I just wanted to share it :D It's kind of abstract, I...
  9. nerwin

    Top of the World

    I debated where I should share this photo but I ultimately decided to place it in the b&w gallery because when I took this shot I deliberately wanted it to be in black & white. I was walking about and noticed this tiny big chilling out on top of one of these leafs from a blooming tree and for...
  10. michakac

    Tripod, old wardrobe and me

    Hello :), I had a free day a nothing to do - here are the results of my boredom: 1: 2: 3:
  11. nerwin

    Oldsmobile Super 88

    Lately when going to car shows I pretty much stopped taking pictures of cars because it gets so repetitive so instead of being a photographer, I become a car enthusiast which I also am and I check out other peoples rides and talk shop, which luckily is kind of improving my speech impediment...
  12. nerwin

    On the corner looking up

    I don't live in a city with huge tall skyscrapers but even in a small town or city here in Vermont, there are ways to get some sort of a city architecture type shot. Nikon D610 + 16-35 f/4 VR 35mm, 1/250th, f/8, ISO 100 Corner by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  13. FLCKeats

    Selecting a metering method

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm posting this in the film thread, because I shoot film (B&W). I know it's applicable to digital photography, but I've found film photographers tend to have slightly different ideas of methodology. I would welcome insight from anyone, though. I've been feeling...
  14. Otto von Chriek

    Boogie Days

  15. Otto von Chriek

    Spiders Are a Girls Best Friend

    A beautiful display of "diamonds" on a spiderweb in the very early morning light.
  16. trantohao

    Emotive portrait

    I am totally new to the forum. We have a really friendly community here! Just hope to get contributive critics to develop my skills :) I'd definitely check out different opinions carefully. Thank you!
  17. SnappingShark

    New Darkroom for B&W

    Never developed my own film. Sure I've shot it and got it processed etc etc. Anyway. Just bought a new house and there's an ideal "darkroom" included. Totally dark! What do I need to develop my own Black and White images? I shoot B&W film from time to time. Is anybody able to list for me the...
  18. thelearningcurvefoto

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario by thelearningcurvefoto on Photography Forum A VERY well used building now serving as a roadside antiques shop near Torrance Ontario. Original photography using a Canon EOS 60D body with a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 DC Macro OS lens and Silver EFEX Pro as a...
  19. Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    A well used building now serves as a roadside antiques shop near Torrance Ontario. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography