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    Photo by Yeager Anderson Photography. Gelled boudoir/fashion image inspired by the works of Jake Hicks.
  2. F

    Posing Basics

    Hello all. My name is Frank, I'm new here and first wanted to say hello. I've had an in and out relationship with photography since high school and recently as a gift my wife upgraded my camera to a D3500. This has only helped me drive her nuts :1247:. I'm interested in portrait and boudoir...
  3. M

    New to photo and need a "start gear list" to start and learn nude photography...

    Hi everyone, disclaimer: I am French! and i know gear is "not that important" but i want to start well! i am new to photography, i learn fast (because i love to learn new artistic skills an i have ideas) (i know it takes time...). I want to make boudoir photography, nude photo and erotic...
  4. G

    Blotchy red skin

    Hi! First time here so please be gentle. I do Boudoir and have come across a common problem, blotchy red skin on the legs. I try take out the red in photoshop but it just turns dark and creates spider vein look. I’ve tried dodging and burning but no success. Pls help! Is there a free tutorial...
  5. A

    Recommendations for boudoir settings?

    I'm a student, so unfortunately I can barely afford my own groceries, much less a studio. I tend to shoot mostly boudoir/lingerie type portraits indoors using only natural light from a window. My room in university is perfect for these shoots although it's small, but back home is where I get...
  6. A

    Best lens for natural light indoors?

    I have an 18-55 kit lens which is doable, and a 50mm f/1.8 which I absolutely love, but seeing as most of my photography involves nude or lingerie portraits in a small bedroom, the zoom is often way too close for me to have a variety of angles. I love the low aperture for the overall look of the...
  7. Robert Choquette

    First Post - Some of my work NSFW

    NSFW! Going to my website or flickr site will be even more NSFW. Here are some of my "less risqué" photos. Harley Quinn - Robert Choquette Nurit - Robert Choquette Blonde Beauty - Robert Choquette Vero - Robert Choquette Daydream - Robert Choquette
  8. Peakapot

    Black and white nude

    Hi there, I am looking for any good tutorials or advice on taking black and white boudoir photos. My friends wife has asked me to take some photos to be made into a book as a wedding present for her husband. The kind of thing were looking to achieve is similar to the link iv added. Any advice...
  9. footballfan993

    Dudeoir Photography

    So I'm sure many of you have heard of Boudoir photography, where women are photographed in lingerie, and posing in suggestive ways. I recently stumbled upon dudeoir photography, which is the male equivalent of boudoir photography. I haven't done any photoshoots in either category, as of yet...