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Oct 30, 2015
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Hi there,

I am looking for any good tutorials or advice on taking black and white boudoir photos. My friends wife has asked me to take some photos to be made into a book as a wedding present for her husband. The kind of thing were looking to achieve is similar to the link iv added. Any advice, tutorials or good books you know of would be really appreciated.

boudoir photo shoot - Google Search

Thanks guys

Most of the example photos are in color.

Study B&W photos made by some really good photographers, and try to copy the technique.
i have no idea why multiple photos are showing up as i used the link to a single photo as the rules state about photos you don't own
Google Damien Lovegrove on youtube. He has a channel with a lot of video instruction (he also sells tutorials on his on website) that are very helpful on photography in general. There is a webcast video interview about his work that includes a lot of boudoir and some B&W that is interesting discussion about his approach and how he works with models.
This is hardly a beginner question. The lighting is the easiest part of boudoir. Setting the mood is far harder. Also have your wife present.
Haha yeah my wife will be there. She is currently modeling for me to get practice. I think I am getting some good results. I will post some examples soon to get advice on how I can make it better.

Regards Dan
I think you ought to have your wife look at this... that young woman looks like she's in a horror movie on the sofa waiting for the slasher to come in the room! lol I skipped ahead (yeah, I think it's a 'bloke' thing), why get rid of the décor that could make for a beautiful background for a lovely woman? now it looks like a cheezy motel porno, I skipped to about 20 min. in - I think the slasher got her! lol

(Seriously, some of these in B&W are so unflattering, or the wadded up pillows and sheets in that lighting show up as a mess of wrinkles which to me detracts from the subject instead of enhancing her.)
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